Google Ads

Do you want to make your website more visible, increase visitors, sell more products and services, or increase bookings? Google Ads is the thing for you!

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform which allows you to increase the visitors of your website thanks to sponsored ads on Google results pages.

This way you can be visible on Google the moment that potential visitors / customers are looking for the products and services you offer.

Ads may be text, images or videos and all the serveces are offered under a pay-per-click: you only pay each time one of your ads to reach the website is clicked.

How does Goole Ads work?

With Goodle Ads you can choose where, when and  to whom to show your ads.

If the words the user types during a search match the keywords set for your ad, your site may appear on the first page of Google, above the search results.

The ad can be shown worldwide, only in some countries or cities, or within a certain distance from your business.

Why use Google Ads?

Google Ads is the most immediate solution to increase the visibility of your site and reach new potential customers.

To appear on the front page of Google among the first announcements is essential to increase your business.

With Google Ads you can start with a small budget and pay only if a visitor clicks on your ad.

Why choose us

Our team of experts will take care of everything: from the analysis of the market and competitors, to the selection and analysis of keywords, to the constant monitoring of the campaign and any adjustments to optimize its performance.